Jomouh Investment - Streamlining Service Operations and Enhancing Agent Performance through a Custom Service Portal

Client Overview: Jomouh Investment is a prominent Dubai-based company offering a wide range of services to corporate clients, including Catering, Manpower Supply, IT Services, Insurance, and Camps Accommodation. They approached Adroit Neo Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd to develop a service portal to automate their service operations, replacing their manual processes. The backend was built using Laravel, providing the admin with the ability to add services and assign tasks to agents. The frontend was built on WordPress, with a subdomain called “portal” dedicated to registration and login for corporate clients and agents.

Challenges Faced:

Before the development of the service portal, Jomouh Investment faced several challenges in their service operations. These challenges included:

  1. Manual Processes: Jomouh Investment was relying on manual processes for service request management, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and potential errors in task assignments and tracking.

  2. Lack of Centralized System: Without a centralized system, it was difficult for Jomouh Investment to manage and track service requests, monitor agent performance, and provide transparent reporting to corporate clients.

  3. Agent Commission Tracking: The client needed a system to accurately track agent commissions based on the services they completed for corporate clients.

  1. Solution Implemented: Adroit Neo Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd implemented a custom service portal for Jomouh Investment to address their challenges and streamline their service operations. The following solutions were implemented:

    1. Backend Development with Laravel: A robust backend system was developed using the Laravel framework. The admin had secure access to the backend, enabling them to add services, manage service requests, and assign tasks to agents.

    2. Service Request Management: The service portal provided a centralized system for managing service requests. Corporate clients could submit service requests through the portal, and the admin could assign the tasks to agents based on availability and expertise.

    3. Agent Performance Monitoring: The system enabled the tracking of agent performance. The admin could monitor the progress of assigned tasks, track response times, and ensure timely completion of services. This allowed for efficient resource allocation and improved overall service delivery.

    4. Commission Tracking System: A commission tracking system was integrated into the service portal. Agents received commissions based on the services they completed for corporate clients. The system accurately tracked and calculated the commissions, ensuring transparency and fair compensation for agents.

    5. Frontend Development with WordPress: The frontend of the service portal was built on WordPress, providing a user-friendly interface for corporate clients and agents. The portal facilitated seamless registration, login, and access to service-related information.

    Benefits and Results: The implementation of the service portal brought several benefits to Jomouh Investment:

    1. Streamlined Service Operations: The automation of service operations eliminated manual processes, reducing errors, streamlining task assignments, and improving overall efficiency. The centralized system provided better control and tracking of service requests.

    2. Enhanced Agent Performance: The service portal enabled better monitoring and tracking of agent performance. Agents could efficiently access assigned tasks, update progress, and communicate with the admin, resulting in improved accountability and productivity.

    3. Transparent Commission Tracking: The commission tracking system ensured accurate calculation and transparent tracking of agent commissions. This motivated agents to deliver high-quality services and improved their engagement and satisfaction.

    4. Improved Customer Satisfaction: The streamlined service operations and efficient task management led to improved customer satisfaction. Corporate clients benefited from faster response times, timely service delivery, and transparent communication through the portal.

    5. Scalability and Growth: The service portal provided a scalable platform for Jomouh Investment’s future growth. The modular architecture allowed for easy addition of new services and functionalities, accommodating the company’s expanding service offerings.

    In conclusion, Adroit Neo Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd successfully developed a custom service portal for Jomouh Investment, automating their service operations and enhancing agent performance. The implementation resulted in streamlined processes, improved transparency, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Jomouh Investment now has a robust platform to efficiently manage service requests, track agent performance, and drive business growth.


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